How Signature Select helped save 40 percent

May 26 2015    Signature Select

If feeling frustrated with your current insurance carrier, reach out to Signature Select for ways to help protect your most important assets. 

When the honeymoon phase of a client's former broker relationship ended, Signature Select Vice President Lisa Pfannenstiel was able to win a new client by saving approximately 40 percent in premium.
Even though the client was loyal to his former carrier, he noticed a drop in attentiveness and competitiveness. Lisa utilized Signature Select’s exceptional carrier relationships and provided the client with three different bids to show how Signature Select could help.
The result? All three quotes came back significantly less, Lisa eliminated large water and wind/hail deductibles and automatically covered more treasured assets for the high-net-worth client. For information how Signature Select can help you reevaluate your insurance plan, contact a representative today.